We are trained in Systems Theory, and we apply this theory when working with your C-Suite relationships.

Helping each executive on the C-Suite understand their brain type, their communication style, and the ways that they are triggered by their colleagues is critical to the relational health between the partners.

A business partnership can feel like a “marriage” in many ways, except that their common goal is the financial bottom line for the company. The common relationships to suffer in the C-Suite are between the CEO, COO and CTO. We are able to come to your offices and to meet with your executives, and we will help you with your communication patterns. So that you can recognize when communication is going wrong, to help you have the conversations that you are avoiding, by helping you hold each other accountable to your quarterly goals, and ultimately having a foundation of trust between you so that you can get your work done and not get weighted down in resentment and frustration towards one another.
“While growing from 60 to 90 personnel in our company, we have struggled with the changes to leadership positions, breakdown of responsibilities, and communications between our departmental leaders. Kathryn has been helpful in opening up communications and helping us build trust. As we continue to grow we have a lot of work ahead of us, but sessions with Kathryn have helped us build in a better direction.” – CEO
“I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all of the conversations you’ve facilitated with people that are really important to me in my life. In many moments when I came to you, I felt like I was stuck in a cycle of bad communication and misunderstanding and you helped me snap out of those cycles again and again. Honestly you have changed my life for the better and I wouldn’t be the same person especially in relationships as I am without your guidance. I am more empathetic, aware, honest and curious now in all conversations. I have utilized the tools that I’ve learned in your sessions to mitigate so many other relationships outside of your physical and virtual walls. It has been healing for me and so many others. Also to go beyond that you even were willing to charge us less for our sessions during a really difficult financial time, talk about being a good human with a good heart! Thank you again and I am very grateful for your work and the time you have spent to help me and my loved ones feel heard, safe and validated. ” – Angel Trinidad from Passion Planner

Sample Treatment Plan after a Business Coaching Session with 6 members of Executive Suite:

  • Create rituals/structure to help meetings stay focused and feel productive
    • Communicate clear goals for meetings at the beginning
    • Simplify the agenda and stay on target
    • Summarize action items at the end of meetings
    • Adopt a closing ritual for meetings that invites a shared feeling of resolution amongst the team
      • One idea was to document the agreements made in the meeting and who signed off on what
      • We modeled another option, which was having everyone stand for each takeaway that they agree to
    • Reduce sidebar conversations when a conclusion has been reached
  • Prioritize Check-ins
    • Relational check ins
      • Is the team feeling supported?
      • Is the team feeling valued?
      • Is the team feeling safe to speak up?
    • Strategic check-ins
      • CTO to check in regularly with CMO prior to customer meetings to ensure preparation and success
      • CTO and CMO to check in at the end of meetings to review feedback (when time permits)
  • Enhance communication clarity and velocity
    • Create shared strategic language
    • When communicating a creative idea…
      • Is it context-appropriate? If not, write it down and follow up on it at an appropriate time.
      • Unsure if it’s an appropriate time? Ask the team.
      • When it is appropriate, check in after communicating to ensure that the idea landed and is understood.
      • Put it in writing and plan for follow-up so it does not get lost in the shuffle.