Come visit us in San Diego for a Couple or Family Intensive

Couples & Families benefit so much from our Intensive Therapy Retreats as it means getting an expert couples or family therapist to themselves for an extended period of time.

Give your relationships the gift of being assessed, and get a treatment plan that is tailored just for you.

The Intensives take place in San Diego in person, and with Kathryn de Bruin they cost $275 an hour. 2-3 days are put aside for the Intensive, and you are charged only for the blocks of time that you meet with the therapist.

Note: These sessions are for people who want to work on their relationship, and are not in active addiction, not having a non-consensual affair, and do not actively suicidal.

Therapy takes time, and getting to a couples or family therapist once a week for an hour, can take a lot of effort. Dealing with scheduling, getting through the traffic, running into session out of breath, can also contribute to the stress that created the problems to begin with.

If this is the case for you, consider going to an Intensive Couples Retreat in San Diego. Because here, you get to create a schedule for your retreat. So you get to come in on a weekend, or a day of the week that you pick, and put aside 4 – 6 hours per day to work on your relationships.

You will be hosted in a beautiful office space, where you have a room to yourselves during your breaks, make yourselves at comfortable on the couch in our kitchen area, bring food to put in the fridge, heat up your lunch, or enjoy the balcony and get some sunshine and fresh air.

You might wonder if you are the right couple for this experience?

We always do an assessment first, taking some time to talk with both of you, to understand what your goals are, to get an idea of your dynamic, before setting up the intensive.

Call me now to get started with setting up the intensive:

Step 1: Fill out our New Client Survey or our Therapy Contact Form mentioning your interest in one of our Intensive Retreats

From there we’ll reach out to you to discuss your goals, your history, any injuries that have come from the relational history.


Step 2: Let’s book a time for your Intensive Couples Retreat

We will find dates that works for everyone, and we will put that time aside. We only charge you for the time that we spend doing therapy, and we will work on giving you needed breaks between appointments. Some couples or families choose to go on a lunch break, others bring in lunch and enjoy the balcony, others go back to their hotel for a nap.

Step 3: Taking part in the Intensive

First 2 hrs in Session:

We will start together as a couple or family, and I will want to get to know the dynamics in your relationship. Where do you connect, and when have things gone well or gone poorly.

I will then meet with each of you individually, to assess some more specific parts of your relationship: how do you each think and feel in the relationship. What do you like about the relationship and what is not working for you. At the end of this assessment time, you will get feedback, and we will lay out your treatment plan. Together we will decide how much of this treatment we want to get through during your time in San Diego.

Follow up:

This can happen with a therapist of your choice back in your home city. I will sign a Release of Information and share what we have done with your home therapist. Sometimes I support you as a couple or family with a follow up Intensive, or a follow up Online Call (using Skype or Zoom).

Let me know if you are interested in doing an Intensive with me, and we will create the schedule together!