Taking the first step into your therapy journey can feel intimidating. You may feel worried, frustrated, or helpless and might not feel sure whether therapy is right for you, your spouse or your family.  Let us put you at ease—those feelings are completely normal, and therapy can help. All of us at Renova San Diego want to make this process as comfortable as possible for you. Here’s a step-by-step guide of what to expect:

Step 1: Survey & Initial Contact

The first step is connecting you with one of our therapists who will best fit your needs.

Start by taking the survey below so we can get to know you and a little bit about what you are looking for. From there, our Intake Coordinator, Heather Pederson, will reach out with you within two business days with any follow up on your survey and connecting you to your therapist.

With any issues or additional questions you can also reach her at: connect@renovasandiego.com or you can fill out this Contact Form.

Step 2: Pre-session Forms and Information in Simple Practice

We will set you up in our online portal called Simple Practice, and this is where you will sign the forms that you need to before your therapy session.
 You will receive a Welcome email from Renova.

 Clicking the Sign in link will open a new tab in your browser where you’ll be logged in automatically.

To log back in in the future, to check appointments, to find invoices, to update Credit Card information or other details:

  • Go to your practitioner’s Client Portal URL.
  • Click I’m an existing client.
If you are requesting a new link with which to sign in again:
  • Click Sign in from the email to automatically log in to your Client Portal. Keep in mind that the link in the email is valid for 24 hours and can only be used to sign in once.

Important: You must use the most recent sign-in link in your inbox. If you requested a sign-in link multiple times and click an older link when a newer one exists, you will not be able to sign into the Client Portal.

Important: Simple practice does not share any of your personal data with Google.

You can remove access for Client Portal Login at any time from your Google Account. For further instructions, see this Google Help Center guide: Use your Google Account to sign in to other apps or services.

Important: The security of your data is our highest priority. The Client Portal is HIPAA compliant, HITRUST certified, and has been developed to lower the risk of unauthorized access to your data. Using a public or shared device to access the Client Portal may increase the risk of unauthorized access and disclosure of the information in your account.

Step 3: First Session

During your first session, you and your therapist will get to know each other. We want to hear your story, including why you sought therapy and what goals you’d like to achieve. At the end of this session, you’ll have a better idea of whether everyone works well together. If you’d like to meet with one of our other therapists, we’re happy to connect you with someone else by emailing our Intake Coordinator Heather Pederson at connect@renovasandiego.com. We also can provide you with referrals to respected colleagues. We won’t be offended by the request. It’s important for you to feel comfortable and confident when working with us. Sessions typically last around 50 minutes, followed by a few minutes to wrap up, process payments and set follow-up appointments.

Step 4: Continued Therapy

Once you, your spouse or your family begin working with your therapist, we ask that you commit to at least eight sessions.  Sessions are typically scheduled once per week. Because therapy will be individualized based on your needs, we’ll be able to gauge the total length of therapy needed to meet your goals after a few sessions. If you want to expedite the therapy process, we can provide you with homework to do between sessions, along with suggestions of some resources that could be helpful.